How to fix hang and slow mobiles tips step by step

How to fix  hang and slow  mobiles:-
learn the tips for solving phone hanging problem step by step, slow, and it also solve hitting problem some times

How to fix  hang and slow  mobiles  tips step by step

Take in the tips for dealing with phone hanging issue. We are illuminating the reasons that reason screen cement. We will in like manner propose a few courses of action that you can attempt to discard phone hang issues.
"Why my phone hangs so frequently?", this is the lament of a large number of people all around the world. Gone are the seasons of essential phones like the acclaimed Nokia 1280. Nowadays, PDAs have advanced toward getting to be phones. These contraptions continue running on complex programming (like android, iOS, Windows et cetera.) which require fundamentally higher gear constrain. Additionally, an expansive number of uses are out there which vary in execution, quality and resource utilize. Phone adjusting insinuates the state when a mobile phone will stop responding to the requests of customer. It is furthermore called phone crash and is depicted by screen cement. At whatever point hung, paying little respect to what you do, your phone will decay to do anything.
In this article we will get some answers concerning the clarifications for phone hang and possible courses of action of this certain issue. Accidental phone hanging should not be a purpose behind pressure, but instead in case it happens habitually, by then you should endeavor the tips given underneath.
How to fix  hang and slow  mobiles  tips step by step

1. Reduction the Amount of Synchronous Applications to Stop Phone Hang

Each wireless comes has a confined proportion of benefits like memory (Hammer) and dealing with control. If you overburden the phone past the farthest point of these advantages, the phone may hang. Thusly, you should endeavor and farthest point the amount of at the same time running applications. There are different applications that continue coming up short without hesitation. You can free the deterred memory by ending the applications that you don't require at appear.
To see the summary of starting at presently running applications, go to Settings > Applications > Running Application.

2. Keep Every one of the Applications Invigorated

Keep visiting the application stores like Google Play (if you have Android phone) and iTunes Application Store (in case you've an iPhone). Flexible application architects keep improving execution of their applications. Thus it is especially endorsed that you much of the time revive every one of the applications as and when a predominant version is available. Latest adjustments of uses may be expected to use lesser memory and CPU control.

3. Shut Down Your Wireless

Shutting down your phone from time to time is a shrewd idea since it will thoroughly resuscitate the memory of phone. When you will restart your phone, its memory will be free of all the trivial bits of data that were looking out for and including the memory space.

4. Kill and Empty Battery

This tip probably won't have any huge effect at all a great part of the time. In any case, it is in like manner a shrewd idea to empty battery and SIM card after at standard interims. Clearing battery and SIM will clean the deposit from the electric touch centers.

5. Present Applications in Outside Memory (SD Card)

Most of the PDA customers present an extensive variety of uses in their phones. While presenting the applications, they don't give watchful thought to where the application will be presented and what influence it can have on the execution of the phone. When in doubt, as per normal procedure, the applications get presented in within memory of the phone. This leaves lesser space for the running the applications and that along these lines causes blocked memory. In case your phone hangs, it is reasonable to present applications in the external memory (i.e. SD Card) of the phone. Normally the outside memory is greater than the inward memory. Additionally, external memory can in like manner be viably broadened if required (instead of 2 GB card, just install a 8 GB card!). In this way, in outside memory more applications can be adequately presented without hindering the inside memory of the phone. This will save your phone from hanging.
For this you can set the default form circle. Go to Settings > Limit > Default form circle > Select SD Card. Benevolently take note of that this setting is available in to some degree unprecedented territory in different versatile handsets. Thusly, you may need to finish a pinch of look around.

6. Move Acquainted Applications from Inside with Outside Memory

You can basically move the starting at now acquainted applications from inside with outside memory. As illuminated over, this will give more inside memory space for the smooth running of the applications. In like manner your phone won't hang.
Setting for moving presented applications is typically open under Settings > Applications.

7. Delete Pointless Applications

You can similarly scrutinize through the summary of the applications presented in your phone. You may perceive two or three applications that you had presented some time back anyway you never again require them. Uninstall such applications in a split second. They remain sit out of rigging in your phone and waste the exceedingly basic memory space.
8. Eradicate Pointless Data (like photos, accounts, songs)
If you have secured pictures, accounts and tunes in the internal memory; you're genuinely beginning to cry the internal memory space and that could transform into the explanation behind your phone hanging continually. Continue, examine each one of the photographs, chronicles and tunes and delete the ones that you never again require. Then again, first you can take support of this data in your PC and after that eradicate it from your phone. Photos, accounts and sound take up by far most of the space the phone of an ordinary PDA customer. Furthermore, it is one of the ordinary reasons why your phone hangs.

9. Recognize Resource Storing Applications

A bit of the applications use impressively more memory than various applications. Diversion applications (like Incensed Winged creatures) are among the best memory chugging applications. You can check how much memory each one of your applications are using. For this go to Settings > Applications (or Memory) > Running Applications. Here you will have the ability to see which application is using definitely how much memory.
If possible, you may endeavor a lighter alternative of an application that is using a lot of memory. For example, in case you use a news application and that application is eating up a huge amount of Pummel; you may consider ousting that application and present another news application from the application store.

10. Present Antivirus Programming

Diseases are a danger. If your wireless is playing host to a disease, the contamination can widely back off your phone. Clearly, your phone will hang every now and again. Thu-sly, unmistakably you require an adversary of contamination. Though against contamination programming itself take up an extensive proportion of memory yet it is more quick witted to have the disease cleared.
11. Give External Memory Some Breathing Space
Up until this point, we have been illuminating you concerning the centrality of presenting applications on external memory. Regardless, it should not suggest that you tear up the outside memory too! Keep some space free in outside memory in like manner with the objective that applications can without quite a bit of a stretch store and read their appropriate data. If outside memory is moreover full to the flood, that can in like manner transform into the explanation behind phone hang.

12. Use Creation line Reset Decision

This should be your last resort. If nothing else works and phone stills hangs, you can reset your mobile phone back to mechanical office settings. Use of this elective will oust everything from your wireless. You will lose everything that would be there in the inside memory. Besides, it will be gone until the finish of time. Each one of the messages, contacts, applications, bookmarks, photos, accounts, songs, ringtone… everything will be deleted. Fundamentally, this elective will make your phone just the way in which it was the time when it was conveyed in the generation line.
These were a part of the tips that you can use to deal with you phone hang issue. We fathom that if your phone hangs consistently, it ends up being to a great degree disturbing. Do endeavor the above tips and besides share your inclusion with us through the comments section given underneath. On the off chance that it's not all that much inconvenience let us perceive what works for you . 
If you have any question about it please ask me i will try to slove .thank you

13  turn off all animation scale and duration.

If you mobile working slowly and some time going to hang. so you can speed up some scale and duration turn off your android mobile  it may be faster before.  So 1st you need to on your developer option.  go to your setting and find  about phone option and open it and search  build number and tab 7 time after that  your phone show developer option and open it and than turn it on and find these  things window animation scale, transition animation scale, animator duration scale  etc  tab one by one this scale and click 1st option or choose off option and back gain go another scale and same process than done.
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