what to do if your "WiFi not working" on Mobile and PC ?

wifi not working :- If you’re having problems connecting wifi on mobile or pc  staying connected to wireless internet on your Android Smartphone or computer.  Here are the right place iwill give you  some things you can do to get it to work correctly.

what to do if your "WiFi not working" on Mobile and PC ?


 "Wi-Fi not working"  on your android phone? Here are the fix.

WiFi not working

Check the wifi name:-some time wifi name is mistake so check the wifi name is correct or not .

check the wifi password:-some time wifi password is mistake so check the wifi password is correct or not .

Wi-Fi will not  truning on:-if your wifi will not switch on , there are some reason . hardware issu, software issu, application issu, so first clean your wifi app cache and storage. than try agian if not working  software issu problem so you have to hard reset your phone warring this method will be destored your all mode data . if not working both method now your phone have hardware issu than Call Your Service Provider

Airplane Mode:-make sure that your phone was not in airplane mode some mobile will not working if your phone is airplane mode is on.

Showing Authentication failed error message:-sometime wifi password and name is corrent but not connect showing on authentication faliled  error message this is the weak signle or netowrk problem can be issuu it so wait some itme and try again if not working than software problem of your mobile .  Go to app manager and find wifi app than clean cache and storage and try agian if not working than you have to hardrest your device.

weak signal:-if your mobile wifi showing low range signal or your mobile hardware is low quality  so not connect wifi or wifi not working probebly.

Connected to Wi-Fi network but no internet
sometime no internet or internet issu not working wifi on your device  its not your mobile fult

showing only Obtaining IP Address:-An unfaltering " Obtaining  IP address" message when attempting to connect with a remote web is a champion among the most disturbing Wi-Fi issues that can occur on an Android phone, or any kind of wireless so far as that is concerned, and can be a tuff issue to get it.
                 I don't regularly recommend downloading applications onto an Android telephone to fix issues since they can now and again cause a more noteworthy number of issues than they light up in any case… for this circumstance certain applications can streamline the path toward understanding that chafing "getting IP address" message to stop, and help to get your Wi-Fi working properly afresh.
By visiting the Google Play Store and playing out a sweep for "WiFi fix" you can find many free applications that can help structure your phone. The application WiFix by mHotspot is an application that can help handle this issue and has some extremely positive reviews.
In the occasion that downloading an application like WiFix doesn't seem to empower, I to recommend you have a go at using a Static IP address as opposed to the cell phones default DHCP setting.
Wi-Fi connects then disconnects itself:-I despise this issue, it will in general be incredibly baffling. You envision that you have been using your home Wi-Fi and after that get a message from your remote master association that you are going over your data plan; Very bewildering, anyway fixable. This is routinely something on the remote itself, if you have a power saving application or frameworks organization application, or an application that you downloaded around a comparative time you saw this issue then uninstall it, control cycle the phone, and check whether that helps, if it didn't, proceed to the ensuing stage.

  AT the last                   
                  Some time your phone have software or bad hardware problem cannot working your wifi so you have to hard-reset your mobile if not working than Call Your Service Provider.
In the wake of encountering these recommendations your cell phones Wi-Fi should be completely operational genuinely afresh. In case your Wi-Fi still isn't working, which it should in the wake of resetting the phone, by then it most likely won't be an issue with the phone itself and might be an issue with the remote framework that you are attempting to connect with. In the event that in spite of all that you're having issues with your Wi-Fi ensuing to endeavoring most of the suggestions recorded in this article then you should need to consider examining a part of the additional tips, traps and recommendations recorded in this Advanced Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide. Something different, thank you for examining and in case you have any proposition or comments, don't be hesitant to desert them down underneath.  

                Generous, and if any of these snares or recommendations helped you fix the Wi-Fi on your telephone and you should need to exhibit your thankfulness then you can let me know by leaving an all around arranged remark in the comments fragment or you can show me you cherished it by simply pressing the Facebook Like catch, Google + catch or sharing this article through any of the Social frameworks organization goals showed up as pursues.

"Wi-Fi not working"  on your Computer ? Here are the solution

There are a couple of things that can cause a Wi-Fi relationship with quit working and steps that you can do to fix the issue. Coming up next is a summary of endeavors organized by most fundamental to cause this issue. 
WiFi not working

Wi-Fi isn't turned on

In case you have a PC, most current workstations have a catch that can slaughter on and the Wi-Fi on your PC as a security incorporate. Guarantee your Wi-Fi is turned on by looking catch or status light pointer. Consistently, the light will be either blue or green when engaged.

Affirm the remote affiliation is enabled

In Windows, guarantee the affiliation isn't impeded by tapping the Start get, type sort out relationship in the Search content box, and tap on the View orchestrate affiliations elective.
Tip: In Windows 8, type compose affiliation wherever on the Start screen and select the View organize affiliations elective in the rundown things. In Windows 10, type mastermind relationship in the chase content box nearby the Start catch and tap the View sort out affiliations elective in the ordered records. 

                In the Network Connections window, if your remote affiliation is recorded, right-tap on the affiliation and select "Engage." If you see "Disable," the framework affiliation is starting at now enabled.

Affirm that the SSID and security key are correct

Remote affiliation listing-if your remote framework shows diverse available remote frameworks, guarantee you are interfacing with the benefit SSID (switch name) and that you have entered the correct security key. If you are partner with a neighbor's switch or are entering the wrong security key, the workstation won't have the ability to interface with the framework.
Guarantee the Internet is working
If you can connect with your Wi-Fi contraption yet your Internet isn't working, the issue may be your Internet advantage and not your PC. Affirm the Internet affiliation is working and isn't the issue by guaranteeing another contraption, like another PC, mobile phone, or tablet, can interface with the Internet. In case the Internet tackles another device, it is shielded to acknowledge that the issue is the PC.

Reset Modem and Router

WiFi not working
It isn't striking for DSL modem, interface modem, or framework change to encounter issues that keep something like one contraptions from partner with the framework. To help affirm this isn't the issue, separate the power from the back of the modem and switch. Whenever separated, hold up 10-15 seconds and after that reconnect the power. Sit tight a couple of minutes for the modem and change to reconnect to the Internet, by then test the Internet relationship on your PC. If you are up 'til now having issues, have a go at rebooting the PC yet again.

Debilitate firewalls 

WiFi not working

Windows firewallHaving more than one programming firewall presented on the PC can cause a lot of issues with your framework affiliation. To help affirm this isn't an issue, we propose quickly weakening any firewalls on the PC. Weaken the Windows Firewall or any Firewall that goes with security programs.

Restore Windows to an earlier copy

In case you are using Microsoft Windows and the Wi-Fi has worked already, try restoring Windows to an earlier copy. Once in a while, horrible programming or settings may have caused issues with your Wi-Fi connector or issues with Windows having the ability to get to the Internet affiliation.

Reinstall remote contraption and drivers

Degenerate drivers or issues with the remote drivers is a champion among the most outstanding establishments for why you will be not able see any Wi-Fi orchestrates or have issues distinguishing your remote card. Guarantee you are not having driver issues by following the methods underneath.
Remove the contraption and let Windows re-distinguish the Wi-Fi card

Open Windows Device Manager

In the Device Manager, stretch out the Network connectors region to see all framework contraptions.
Highlight your Wi-Fi or Wireless framework connector and press the Delete key on the comfort to clear the device. In case there is a check box to uninstall the drivers, check the case.
At the point when the device has been removed, close all open windows and present the downloaded drivers. If there is a setup or executable archive for the drivers, run that record.
Reboot the PC and test the Internet relationship with check whether it works. 

Reposition remote switch or PC

In case your PC encounters issues keeping up a strong banner with your remote switch, it can cause arrange issues. Guarantee this isn't an issue by endeavoring to re-position the switch and its radio wires. In case you have a PC, you can moreover attract the PC closer to the change to help choose whether it is a banner quality issue.
If you are having signal quality issues, consider getting a range extender (repeater) for your home or office to guarantee all locales get a strong banner. Then again, you can have a go at changing the change's repeat to decrease hail obstacle from remote contraptions in the home or office.

Hard reset the workstation

If you have a workstation, make a better than average endeavor resetting the PC by following the methods underneath. Finishing a hard reset can fix diverse subjective issues with hardware being perceived genuinely.

Close all windows and close down the workstation.

At the point when the PC is off, withdraw the AC connector (control) and empty the battery.
In the wake of emptying the battery and isolating the power rope, leave the PC off for 30 seconds and remembering that off, press and hold the power get in 5-10 second between times.
Following 30 seconds, set the battery back in the PC and interface the electrical cable.
Turn on the PC and as the PC is booting, enter CMOS setup.
In CMOS setup, reset the CMOS settings to the default settings, Save the settings, and after that Exit the setup.
If your Wi-Fi still does not work, try ousting the Wi-Fi connector from the Device Manager, and reboot your workstation to check whether Windows perceives the Wi-Fi connector yet again.

Upgrade switch firmware

If you have never had achievement with the PC interfacing with the switch, have a go at updating the switch's firmware. Invigorated firmware can help fix issues with the switch, including affiliation issues.

Working system degradation

If in the wake of following most of the above advances, your Wi-Fi affiliation is up 'til now not working and it has worked already, the issue may be related to archive contamination in the working structure. As a last resort, to help keep an eye in the unlikely event that you have dreadful hardware, we propose erasing everything and reinstalling your working structure. Doing this can help check everything is perfect on the PC and no issues exist.

Horrible hardware

In case you have endeavored most of the above recommendations and still have not had the ability to get the Wi-Fi relationship with work, in all likelihood, the Wi-Fi connector or related gear is defective. If you have a work zone with a remote augmentation card, we propose superseding the improvement card. If you have a work region with Wi-Fi fused with the motherboard (on-board), we prescribe checking any recieving wire interface and at whatever point affirmed to be okay, have the motherboard superseded. In case you have a PC, we propose having the workstation balanced.
In case you Wi-Fi isn't working for various contraptions and you have done most of the above advances, it is progressively plausible an issue with your switch. We endorse that you consider overriding the switch.


In case replacing gear isn't in the budgetary arrangement or you require a speedier game plan, a workaround is relate a USB sort out connector to the PC. These connectors are commonly decrepit and can be brought quickly into the PC expecting nothing else isn't right with the PC. Once presented, you can use the USB mastermind connector for your Wi-Fi affiliation.

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