How to android file transfer step by step all android phone

Android File Transfer: Here you can find out how to android file transfer your own pc or mobile to mobile step by step. android file transfer windows easily if you have problem android file transfer not working solution also an android file transfer alternative.

Android File Transfer

How to android file transfer step by step all android phone

Android file transfer :  All mobile has lots of data that is so important for you data, it will be back up or transfer your pc or memory anywhere you have to backup, otherwise, in case your mobile will be crash, damage, hang not working phone this time you can not restore your data if not backup.

Before Android file transfer you have to know mobile driver and installation on your computer

How to backup android file transfer your computer or any other extra storage. Let know how to transfer your mobile data form your mobile to computer. It is easy to transfer your data and you can back up your phone or mobile data to your own computer.

1st you have to know mobile driver before transfer data from your mobile to computer, what is mobile drive why it installed your pc? If not installed drive why not transfer data without any problem?

Let know what is mobile driver, you may be known about a mobile driver or how to installed driver on your computer if you did not know what is mobile driver, how to installed it.

let know about mobile driver, simply the way you have just understand mobile and computer between attachment which you help you connect to a computer, its make easy to attach your phone or tablet. if your computer doesn't have installed your mobile driver it can't be attached and you can't transfer your data or backup your mobile phone some important file.

you have to download your phone driver form google search, it's dependent on your mobile types, some phone has to include driver and auto-installed.

How to download mobile phone driver?
Android File Transfer

just open and then type your mobile phone model which is back your phone. after a search, you will find easily and download it. After download your mobile phone just installed it.

for example:- 

see the picture how to search and installed the driver for your android file transfer search google or directly open this site and choose your mobile type and download it.

2nd you understood how to download and installed driver, you have to enable your phone USB debugging

How to enable USB debugging?

you can easily enable your phone USB debugging if you know how to enable USB debugging on your phone or already enabled you can skip this step. 

Android File Transfer

1st go to your phone menu

2nd find the setting app and click it.

3rd after entering setting app find them about the phone and click about the phone or about.

4rd find the "build number"  some phone have somewhere "build number " you have to find it 

5th after find "build number"   tap or click it 7 times that set now your phone USB debugging enable and back menu. and find a USB debugging option and just enable it. 

android file transfer windows

All the above things you do after that you can easily transfer any android file or data to your computer. You should need these things to android file transfer your own mobile or tablet and USB data cable.

  1. Connect USB data cable your phone and computer after connecting USB data cable with your computer, Computer auto take the driver and use to ready your android file transfer
  2. Now you have a popup message your phone connected as a media device.
  3. then click on the popup notification, after click notification showing 3 or 4 option you have to choose ie. file copy or transfer, charging, view pictures, etc.
  4. you should just click file copy or select it.
  5. Now your computer show another drive on your my computer showing as your phone model and the mobile name just open it and your android mobile file transfer your own computer or pc. that's all if you have any question comment below as soon as I will help you quickly.

android file transfer not working [ what to do] how to slove]

If you have trouble transferring your android mobile file to your computer. you have following this step.

  1. 1st check your android mobile USB debugging on or not and also you have to on OEM option in your phone developing option.  If your phone not showing developing option you have to enable your USB debugging option if you don't know how to look above I already tell you.
  2. 2nd  check your mobile phone driver install properly or not just go to your computer and right click your mousing pointing your computer icon you will see "manage" then click on it.
  3. Now computer popup another small window, Now you should look device manager after finding the device manager click on it.
  4. Now you will see all driver which is already installed if you see any yellow color or triangle your phone driver fix it or download another driver from searching google how you can see above.
  5. Check your USB data cable is working or not .connect your phone and computer using USB data cable if not response change your data cable
  6. after connecting USB data cable and computer, mobile phone have must notification click on the notification and choose data or file copy. if still not working just comment below I will help what problem you face it.

android file transfer alternative 

You can also transfer your mobile data using app that type of app you will find google. 

How to use android file transfer apps 

 just search on google android mobile file transfer.

Download Andriod mobile transfer app form any site.

Drag android data or file which you want to transfer to your just download apps 

use the USB data cable and connect your android mobile and pc  or mac

Now just follow the app. 

 you can also transfer any data or file using mobile to mobile just you have to install these types of the app both your phone

android file transfer

This above app you can easily find google play store. and download it, it's free. thank you if you have any question about it, you can just comment below, I will help you as soon as possible.
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